2021 – 20222

Our Executive Board

BOARD MEMBERS (2021 – 2022)

The executive board of the ABWA Humble Artesian Chapter consists of the chapter officers who are elected annually during the May meeting, and those elected begin their term of office August 1st of that calendar year. 

Myra Bruns

The president presides at all meetings and appoints committee chairman with the exception of the nominating committee, which are elected. This position is the counter signor on checks along with treasurer.

Email: president@abwahumble.org

Carol Nagel
Vice President

The vice president serves as the official hostess of the chapter, coordinates the assignment of new affiliates to the committees of their choice. Responsible for scheduling, planning and coordinating orientation. Performs duties of president in their absence.

Email: vicepresident@abwahumble.org

Sharon York
Corresponding Secretary

The corresponding secretary performs the duties of the secretary in her absence or when called upon by the president. She shall especially follow up with the appropriate appreciation communiqué to all speakers/sponsors attending a chapter meeting and/or special event.

Email: corrsecretary@abwahumble.org

Jerri Bankston
Recording Secretary

The Secretary records minutes of chapter and executive board meetings providing copies to the president and reports to National Headquarters. Preserves a permanent file of records and chapter correspondence. Receives payments and give receipts for dues or other monies in the absence of the treasurer turning over all payments with an itemized report to treasurer.

Email: recsecretary@abwahumble.org

Lola Giller

The treasurer has custody of all chapter funds. Responsible for all money collected, for depositing chapter money and dues. Disburses money as approved by the chapter. Presents a financial report of the chapter and files all necessary tax forms.

Email: treasurer@abwahumble.org

2020 – 2021

Our Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs (2019 – 2020)

Committee chairmen are appointed by the newly elected president by June 30th and serve for one year beginning August 1st. Chairmen then select committee members immediately upon their appointment, who will serve the same term.







Kristena Hackett
Publicity, Video & Photography, and Website

videography@abwahumble.org publicity@abwahumble.org web@abwahumble.org