Professional/Career Development

Professional and career development come from interactions with others. This includes having a mentor, being a mentor,  and coaching.

Members meet monthly to share their professional endeavors, ideas, experiences, resources, products and services, with like-minded professional women within their geographic area. Attending meetings is a great way for members to make new friends, enhance their career, and have some fun!

Leadership Opportunities


Network leadership strategies can increase exposure significantly enough to encourage new thinking and behaviors on a large scale.  One of the things that members like most about ABWA is that it provides a nurturing environment for them to test and acquire new business and leadership skills.  Members are encouraged to participate in the local experience where they will have an opportunity for hands-on learning and community involvement.

Learning Experiences


Having identified the skills needed to excel, how will you develop those skills? The Women’s Instructional Network (WIN) is a learning and communications portal designed exclusively for ABWA members! It delivers professional development courses.