Ready to join? There are two steps to joining the ABWA.

Step 1: Local

$52.00 per chapter year (Aug-Jul)

First, join a local chapter. These dues are paid at the beginning of the league year and are pro-rated for new members.  To join the  Humble Artesian League, please fill out the form below.


Step 2: National

$115.00 annually


After joining ABWA, members are eligible to join a local league to capitalize on the benefits of membership through networking and leadership opportunities, including holding local and national positions. Local opportunities include:

  1. Developing professionally through informative programming at monthly meetings
  2. Gaining leadership skills while working on committees, managing projects, and speaking at league functions
  3. Running for a leadership position within a local league and/or the national Association
  4. Increasing community visibility through the networking opportunities presented at monthly meetings of the local league
  5. Networking with local professional, expanding both your personal and professional networks
  6. Becoming part of an inspiring community focused on education, experience, and enthusiasm!